Hello and thank you for stopping by!

I love people, seriously, love them! I am unable to ride in an elevator without interacting with fellow riders, making a connection. The connections we make with one another have a profound impact on our lives, and who we are as people. I derive great joy discovering the unique and amazing attributes that make each of us who we are, celebrating our individualism, personalities, passions, and the things that we hold dear. Kindness, friendship, laughter, and compassion are my favorites!

People, places, and things continually influence the images I create. Interacting with others, sharing a laugh, common interest, or cherished story are all sources of inspiration for me. I love photography and photographs. I profoundly appreciate their ability to incite emotion; document our past, create art, capture beauty, raise questions, and serve as a catalyst for change when needed.

Me in 20 words: my kids, laughter, love, family, dancing, spinning tops, pets, diet coke, flip-flops, games, yoga, travel, music, capturing it all!

I'm looking forward to working with you!